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Tiu Ahh..

So I ordered this game from Amazon's Marketplace. It was due to arrive tomorrow you see.. soo, ok lo I was already impatient when I bought that game, so.. when the thing you want arrives tomorrow you'll be delirious just thinking about it right?

Then this piece of news just comes along.

Post workers start 48-hour strike
Royal Mail workers have started the first of two 48-hour walkouts in a protest over pay and fears of job cuts.

After last-minute talks between Royal Mail managers and the Communication Workers Union (CWU) failed to reach a deal, the strike started at noon.

A second two-day strike by the CWU's 130,000 members is scheduled to begin at 0300 BST on Monday, 8 October.

Companies have been warned that the strikes mean there will be no deliveries until next Thursday.

It is estimated that the two walkouts will cost industry millions of pounds.


Tiu lo.. Why now, not tomorrow... my game leh.. tiu ah.. no deliveries until next thursday..

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