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Don't Run.. yet.

I've recently renewed my interest in what I call the 'CCID & Ministry of Internal Security vs IGP, ACA, A-G Chambers, and Organized Crime Syndicate' issue after the CCID commissioner held his press conference. I should add this point that up till now, I'm on the side that's trying to put crime bosses in jail, upholding integrity in the Police Force, and protecting it's intelligence sources.

On the other hand, ACA been's making
headlines recently. Why why why, for the 3 years before this, all ACA has been doing is catching small fries, been even quieter than Britney Spears' dietician, and now it's 'achievements' these 2-3 weeks are more than what they achieved in the previous 3 years?

To all you people who's about to say 'I'm leaving this corrupt hell-hole for life'.. Don't leave yet, the fun's just starting. Oh, this is just like watching one of those dramas.

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