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Quite a number of people nowadays, when asked about which religion they are in, just say one word. "Freethinker". The western layman definition of freethought is associated with atheism, but it probably doesn't mean that all freethinkers are atheists right? Because, do atheists have the right to celebrate something that they do not believe in for say, Christmas? Some people give the reason for freethinking as "I believe in all religions, but I refuse to specifically practise a religion." I say, "F*ck it, you're probably just spiritualists, so why call yourself a freethinker?"

For me, there's probably two types of definitions for people who call themselves "free-thinkers". One is that they accept all religions, and practise non. The other is they are indifferent towards any religion at all. So am I right to call most free-thinkers
apatheists - people who don't care about religion?

An apatheist is defined as "someone who is not interested in accepting or denying any claims that God, or any other supernatural being, exists or does not exist. In other words, an apatheist is someone who considers the question of the existence of God as neither meaningful nor relevant to human affairs."

So.. I'm probably right then. Right? Probably part-apatheists and part-agnostics (o
ne who doesn't believe that there is proof of God's existence but doesn't deny that it's possible for God to exist as well). Hmm.. the study of metaphysics is.. =.= simply beyond my capacity.

Hence, this brings me to another point. Are freethinkers allowed the right to celebrate religious festivities since this constitutes something that they have no interest or simply do not believe in? To put it simply, should freethinkers rethink their stance on religion if they celebrate religious festivals? How about visits to religious places? And reading sacred texts? (I think, if you read the Bible and still profess yourself a freethinker, you're just plain irresponsible, however one might argue that one can still be apathetic and read the Bible, soooo.. argghhh I'm losing myself). Gah, things outside of your own understanding sure is difficult.

Bottom line for me is, a majority of people who call themselves freethinkers are apatheists. Simply put, you don't give a rat's ass about religion, and think that they are irrelevant to humanity.

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