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The First No Title Post

Just came back 30mins ago from EMSA Raya, which is an open house in conjunction with last week's Eid celebrations organised by the Edinburgh Malaysian Students Association in conjunction with EMSA Family, which represent the families and working people living in Edinburgh.

Let me break it down, so after BuddhistSoc yesterday night, I went over to my senior's flat to help out with the preparation of my group's stuff, which is chicken rice. Prep took 1 hour plus, and then we started boiling the chicken in water to get the stock and the oil. Then oven-grill the chicken with seasoning, then cook rice. Took us (at least me) until 4.40am to finish cooking the rice. Thing is we had 15 chickens to boil and grill. 15. So of course it took time, so DotA lor, and every interval of 15 mins or so have to go and put in a new batch of chicken in the grill. Long story cut short, these points will summarise my experience.

  1. I slept at 4.50am for 5 hours.
  2. Now I know how to cook nice chicken rice.
  3. It wasn't a good experience for my eyes though, goddamn garlic.
  4. I smell of chicken even after I took a bath.
  5. My hair smelled of chicken.
  6. My fingers smelled of garlic.
  7. Separating a layer of chicken oil from chicken stock is the shittiest job ever.
  8. I'll bully my next 1st years into doing this.

Freakin' tired. So freakin' tired.

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Monday, November 19, 2012 9:14:00 pm

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