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As you can see, exhibit A here (me.. you dumdum) is getting increasingly bored.

I was thinking.. whether to remove dead links from my site, then I thought.. well I'll just leave 'em there.

Under Friends and Family, there are 22 links.

Aira - still updating.. like 2wice a month.
Ben - dead.
memang noob blogger.
ChaoYing - dead, resurrected and dead again.
another noob.
Darren - still updating from time to time.
David - still updating .. once every fortnight or so.
Denise - temporary hiatus .. probably due to exams.
HB - still updating.
Istee - still updating.. less frequently.
Ivan - best. Dead after 1 post.
Josephine - still updating. some kind of webhosting problem.
Jun - too busy with his girlfriend. Temporary Hiatus.
Melissa - third best. Dead since December.
Michelle - second best. Dead since.. September '06.
Philly - occasional blogger. Semi-dead.
Rachel - still updating, a week or so a post.
Rudy - no internet connection = dead.
SieuTheng - still updating..
StephL - gone private. And didn't want to let me see it. =(
SuAnn - it's SuAnn! did u ever think it would be neglected?!
SueLing - recently dead. Probably because of university.
WeiPhin - sohai is too bored to be dead.
Vivien - 2nd last link on my list that you'll find dead.

This is a traffic light system. Red = Dead, Orange = Quite Dead. Green = Still updating. Blue is accorded to super-active bloggers that you'll find them still alive after 95% of the blogging population has been wiped out. Unless you're colour blind.. then .. uh.. you wouldn't have a problem reading these colour coded words.

My boredom has reached a new level.. like Super Saiyan. Wuuuuaaahhhhh..! Gotta think of something to do tomorrow.. read the newspapers ah right! Go lurk around in Imeem, in Youtube, in Malaysia-Today, in TheStar, in Facebook.. then go blog hopping again..then ESPN Soccernet.. then read e-mail.. then .. do research on Sri Lanka again.. -.-"

2 people said this sucked:


Tuesday, October 30, 2007 2:39:00 am

u ah boring until like that.... ask u look for some pocket money u don want...still too bad,, night time still no line.. grace


Tuesday, October 30, 2007 2:48:00 pm

wtf?? knn ccb... walau, now call me sohai man... u growing more n more balls man... next time i see u i cut them off 4 yer...