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It's Over.. Not?

The previous few days were sh*t. 'cept for Monday night because it's student night at The Crags. A quid a pint! Since when was booze so cheap, hahaha.

Other than that, it's been revision all day long. The point is.. that it's not revision that's making me go insane, it's going through this clockwork lifestyle day in and day out. It's finally placed the straw that broke the camel's back (brilliant use of idioms). Plus the Internet Gods aren't treating me well, a connection slower than 56K?! Come on!

Times like these make me wanna just do the things I miss most. Driving. Sigh.. the feeling of the steering wheel, the gearstick, the sensation when I step on the pedal.. the times I used to swear at fools on the road.. cursing whenever some bi*ch lady driver who's running the orange light suddenly decides to jam her brakes, and the deep roars and humms that the engine makes. Aaah..

Frankly speaking, driving a car on the road is like sex to me (no I haven't had sex yet, what a guy can't assume the pleasures/agonies of sex?), however disgusting and perverted that sounds. Hmm.. maybe I've put it wrongly, have it this way, for some guys, satisfaction and dependency comes from girls. For some guys, satisfaction comes from driving or having cars. For some guys, satisfaction comes with having 'brothers', some.. 'sisters' or both. Mine, comes from driving, and having 'brothers'. Sounds a lot less perverse right?

Sigh, it'll all be over after two boring exams. Patience. Ma! The car is mine when I get back!! *grins gleefully* The petrol might be a bother though..

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Friday, November 30, 2007 5:38:00 am

The car key will leave it in yr room table when u are in KL. U can start driving from morning to night. cause it diesel. but don make the car *teruk* until have to send for service and repair lah.. i handle the car nicely to u , when return back to me ,same condition if not ....anyway safety......come..... first! regards ipoh grace


Friday, November 30, 2007 12:27:00 pm

hahahaha woohoooo!


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