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Papers Make Me Pissed

Every day I get my dose of pissage from the mainstream papers. Of recent, is the toll hikes. Yeah, hike somemore hike somemore, next time I use the highway also toll cost more than petrol wtf.

So now, toll concessionaires are better friends than the public? Don't stay in Sungai Siput
sana mana ada toll? of courselah menang!, come to KL and contest against DAP's Fong Kui Lun in the Bukit Bintang constituency or any other constituencies in KL for that matter, then you'll see the capital's grouses against you.

Look at how many f**king tolls we have in our capital, and how many of them are toll-ed.

Highways with no tolls
KL-Seremban highway, Middle Ring Road 2 (MRR2), Federal Highway, Puchong-Sg Besi highway, can't think of any others.

These are the best roads to use. But lots of idiots hang around these roads especially on the MRR2. To those stewpid people, if you wanna cruise at 60km/h on the fast lane don't be blind to the queue of cars behind you. Sure kena assfuked tiu wan if you provoke people like that. Just because I've got a P sticker on my windscreen doesn't mean I have to follow behind you

KESAS - rm2.20, (tiuuuuu this is the most painintheass one)
LDP - rm1.60, (everytime i use this road sure stress, after tollplaza sure jam)
Sg Besi expressway /BESRAYA - rm1.30/1.50, (because of this stupid toll, terpaksa use detour through kampung)
Kerinchi link - rm1.50, (use only once, and that was by accident)
Penchala link - rm2.00, (kena tipu also)
Damansara link - didn't use before so i dunno,
Ampang-KL Elevated Expressway - rm1.60
SILK - rm1.00
ELITE - (rarely used so I don't remember)
NPE - rm1.60
Salak Expressway - rm0.50
Grand Saga Expressway - rm1 (those ulu ulu places =P)
NKVE - always end up by mistake on this highway from ELITE on the way back from KLIA.

These are just the few that I've remembered, still got the ones in Subang and westward. One new one which I think will be particularly handy is the KL-Putrajaya Expressway, starting from Kg Pandan passing through Kuchai Lama, then one interchange at Bukit Jalil, but the interchange only links to KESAS so it'll be another painintheass exiting the highway but not entering it.

This has got to be one of the most confusing interchanges.

It's easy to enter from the west to KL but not to Putrajaya.
It's easy to exit from KL to the east but not the west.
It's easy to enter from the east to both KL and Putrajaya.
It's easy to exit from Putrajaya to the east but not to the west.

I might have made it even more confusing =P Oh well.

But the main point remains, it sucks to drive in KL because of all these tolls! Coupled with parking charges and whatnot, a day out in the city or elsewhere will result in either getting caught in a jam or parting with at least rm5-10. That's a lot okay! Think of the bowl of extra large hor fun or chicken rice that I'm missing out on.

So, conclusively.. you better get out of office, because all you're doing is burdening the people with unnecessary toll increases. Sigh, and I'm done with my quota of rants for the day.

P.S: Is the KL-Putrajaya highway open yet? I haven't been catching up with that.

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Sunday, December 02, 2007 3:42:00 am

Nope, the Putrajaya highway not open yet. Should be some time next year.

I'm also pissed with the stupid tolls. RM3.20 a day to travel to and from my uni via LDP. Lucky got Touch-n-go card, if not I sure ask for more pocket money..haha..

Btw, federal highway has a 50sen toll near Connaught (just ask kk..haha). And LDP is actually also part of MRR2 so I'm not sure MRR2 is considered toll-free.

The only positive is that KESAS is hardly jam cos of the stupid double toll.


Sunday, December 02, 2007 11:04:00 am

haha, a'ight. the federal highway section which you're talking about is not federal highway but Salak Expressway hehe, kinda an extension from Seputeh all the way to Connaught.

I'm not sure about MRR2, the last time i remembered it's boundaries were from Bkt Jalil all the way up to Hulu Kelang.

Lol, i remembered fred last time, to go to taylors he had to pay 2.20 + 1.60 =.=