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10 days

I beginning lose my sanity over the staleness of things that's been going on since I came back from Glasgow. Every day I wake up at 11-12, sit in bed while reading news for a while, laze around, get some food then lurk around the internet for the rest of the afternoon. Then as evening approaches, typified by the darkening skies at 4pm, I start doing a little bit of work, on some days I'll just hop out to the shops for groceries. Then 5.30-7 will kinda be dinner time including prep.

After that I'll continue revision.. until 10 or so, I'll start nudging people in MSN. All the way till 12/1 I'll do what I did in the afternoon, lurk around the net, surfing and resurfing the same sites over and over again (wtf, no life at all). Until sometime around 1+ I'll lie in bed and read a dozen pages or so from this new book that I've got. (It's really good), then lights out.

And I'll wake up to the same thing the next day.
And this has been going on since 10 days ago.
And there's 10 more days to go till the final exam.
And I wish that my exams were more closely packed together.
And I wish that time would fly faster, just for these few days.
And I wish that someone would DotA with me.
And I wish everyone else wasn't so busy studying because it makes me look slacky.

Sigh, I realise I lack discipline =P , at times.

10 days to go!

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Wednesday, December 05, 2007 4:34:00 am

i feel exactly the same way...

home awaits.