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If Only Today Was National Skirt-Wearing Day

I'll proudly unveil what I've just found out.

Windy, and cold. Well not just windy. Really windy! It's gonna be fun trying to fight the winds while walking. This is one thing that you absolutely have to experience. Walking with an inclination of around 30degrees just to avoid being blown off. =)

Aaah, if only all the ladies wore poodle skirts like Marilyn Monroe on days like this..

But the night's gonna be so chilly. Brrr.. the more the reason to stay snuggled in bed, drinking warm tea, watching silly videos on YouTube. Ta~ time to go sleep now.

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Thursday, November 08, 2007 2:01:00 pm

that's call a poodle skirt??? oh... i baru tau... haha