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Finally, it's done. The project which I've wasted countless hours on, is over! From my impression of the two tutors that came around to evaluate and ask us questions, I think they were pretty happy with the presentation.

David Letterman feels the same way too.

And then we had to evaluate another group, and boy.. that group was rubbish. Sorta. Asked them questions and they were like, "Dunno" while staring wide-eyed. I tell you, some people are just.. hilarious.

Yay, yay, yay I'm so thrilled it's over!

Let's see what else do I have on my to-do list. This saturday - EMSA bowling meet, Nov 18 - Harnham trip.. probably. Nov 22 - business essay dateline, (someone help me!) Ugh, the holidays are approaching so quickly. I can still remember the time when I started my first day at university. It's probably just me but time really zooms by. Yeah, probably just me. Wake up at 10, about 6+ hours of daylight and it's already dark. Sigh, winter.. although it's pretty, is not very nice.

Btw, it's probably too late, but Happy Deepavali~

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