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Who noticed that my titles make little or no sense to what I'm posting about?

Anyway, my camera died so there's no hope of me posting up pictures at least for this term. No it's not technically dead, apparently when I turned it on it just showed Lens Error, so I googled it up and apparently it was mechanical failure. So.. I'll have to get it fixed back home.

My hopeless 1.3M mobilephone camera .. is definitely a nono when it comes to pictures, which brings me to the point of why of all of a sudden did I want to use my camera. EMSA had a bowling competition, which every team supposedly wins prizes. 8 teams, 8 prizes. Brilliant. Everybody wins, well my team of Julian, Imran, ChoEe and me got fourth. I was lousiest in the team, scoring only a total of 119 in two games (49 in the first <-- noob)
So, there goes half my weekend, along with the afternoon loitering around at Imran's place, ended up sleeping over because I was too tired lazy to walk home at 12. Sunday was a blast too, nobody had plans, so half the day I'm playing Warcraft III by myself with AIs, the other half, understanding more about sportscars, misfiring systems, rotary engines, 4WDs/AWDs from wikipedia. Damn happening right? Now I have to start working on my 2k word essay. Sigh.

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