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Titles That Don't Make Sense

I've breached the 20 unique views a day mark, probably bordering on 30 now. Now this is a considerable achievement considering a month ago I was still entertaining 13 happy readers a day.. which is weird, because it's a sudden jump.

Thus, this hypothesis has been proven true.. somewhat. More posts = somehow more traffic.

Anyway, I've lost sight of what I've wanted to write about, so I'll just stick to this for today. I've stumbled across a few songs by Disturbed. And they kickass.. especially this song.
DisturbedStricken It's only a preview =(

Oh and the new album by Jay Chou 周杰伦 titled 我很忙,
is brilliant so far. I've not a particular fan of his, just thought I might note it down. Note: Track 07 is real good. Thanks to ShiYing for sending me all 56MB of the album through MSN hehehe =D

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