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You know what..

I say.. screw Midvalley, Times Square, Lot 10, and Sungai Wang. Let's all go to Damansara. There's um.. 1U, Ikano Power Centre coupled together with The Curve, IKEA, and Cineleisure!! After 6 months, one thing I've noticed was that MidValley was becoming Sg. Wang. Little boys wearing stereotypical-gangster-style-looks, and girls with lala pants. It was my first time going to The Curve, and it was beautiful in a sort of way. The food street was lined up and arranged into a sorta italian style piazza, serving a mix of western and eastern fusion. Real nice! I'm guessing quite a bit of effort was put into interior deco because.. it's just so nice, and probably from my point of view, the only mall that can rival it in decorations is Starhill.

Not only that, which other shopping mall provides shuttle buses? That's it, another item on my of to-do-things.. walk and shop around in The Curve, as well as 1U. Lalala dum dee dum..

Note: Ever since I came back, around 13 days ago, my nose has been uber-sensitive to dust, and so has my eyes as well.. gah, it's so dusty and dirty back here, and it sucks to have either a runny nose, or a blocked up nose, or a nose that doesn't stop sneezing whenever i'm not in any air-conditioned room, or without fresh air.

P.S: Darren don't so emo lerr, I'm pretty sure things will work out decently fine for the time being.

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Friday, July 13, 2007 11:27:00 am

ya that area damn nice


Saturday, July 14, 2007 3:01:00 pm

damansara uptown area mar..
KL not so high class..

Bad thing is no train service to that area though.