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Reflecting back

Come to think of it, I've been here for 18 years already. Two nights ago, my mum showed me a photo album containing tons.. of pictures of me, when i was 1 month old...2 months old.. 3 months old.. all the way until when i was 1 year old. It's just so heart warming to see myself, smiling and laughing. My mum always told me. "You very guai(good) wan. Sit there and play by yourself all day long only. Then can suddenly laugh by yourself." I wonder.. what goes inside the minds of little children? It's just so cute..

To grow up from such a small innocent being to become an older kid of 18 years.. That day itself, was spent just thinking and recalling whatever happened in all my years. I never knew that my cousin brothers played with me so much when I was still a baby boy, and I never got to see how my aunty or my grandpa looked like, not until I saw those photos. I swear, recalling memories, whether good or bad, in the end, still warms your heart and reminds oneself of the sweeter things in life. So, here I lie, on my bed, typing out this blog entry at 2am in the morning, thinking.. how would I, in the future, look back? What would I feel? Would I still remember whatever bad things that have happened, or would I grow wiser and treat everything bad, as a lesson of life?

So perhaps, I might have just taken everything in a more negative way. Perhaps, I should just bury whatever unanswered questions I still have and walk away from it. Steph once told me, that I should take a long long time off, to find myself, regain my confidence and go for it once more. Yeah, you're probably right Steph, I think I might just do that.

Right, so.. 3 months. Time to stop moping around in my room and start engaging with the outside world. It kinda feels just like Concord once again doesn't it?

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