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This or This?

So, a ceramah backed by the Opposition turns into a so-called 'riot'. This was what happened. Permit which was given in the past wasn't given this time, for reasons which weren't an issue in the past. So the organisers promised to dismiss the ceramah when everybody arrived, but FRU (Federal Reserve Unit / Riot Police) fired tear gas, and water cannons at people who were there. Then there were shouts of Special Branch as people suspected that some people were not part of their group. And shots were fired injuring two civilians by the officer in plainclothes. According to sources, the man was supposedly an agent provocateur / penghasut from Special Branch who was causing unrest within the group. Opposition officials are organising a press conference to explain the entire matter thoroughly.

Shots were fired at the civilians. Wtf?

Ok, here's the police(and the government)'s take of the story. Police were there to dismiss the illegal assembly (which permit wasn't given because the house which the ceramah was held was on a main road and there were tourists in the vicinity) when it turned rowdy and started becoming a riot. A plainclothes officer was directing women and children to safety when people started attacking him, so he fired several shots, thus injuring the assailants. Officials from the ruling government in Terengganu and UMNO started pointing fingers at The Opposition, accusing them of underhanded tactics, and the usual stuff. There were also photos taken of people who were burning the national flag, and the opposition has taken some rapping on the knuckles for that.

So, who's to believe? Was SB officers really there in plainclothes causing trouble as witnesses say? Or was it really a peaceful gathering turned riotous? There's also the point that the GE is approaching, hence there is a possibility that this is to ruin the image of the opposition.

I'm merely suggesting. So.. who's right about what happened at Pantai Batu Burok?

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