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I've Never Seen

Have you ever seen someone just breathing their last breath before they pass away? I've never, even for my paternal grandparents. So when I saw this picture, I could just imagine the poor man, exhaling his last breath, still holding his camera.. thoughts whizzing through his mind. There's this really awkward - "he's not coming back again" - feeling. I'm at a loss for words to describe this. It's kind of a depressing thought.

Kenji Nagai, a Japanese reporter, died from gunshot wounds on 27 Sept.
Digressing a little, I don't get it, how come ASEAN officials are saying that they cannot do anything. UN Sec-Gen barely uttered a few comments, and all we have are the Western countries yapping their mouth off about sanctions, barring officials from travelling etc. The way the western media have been talking about things, it almost as if sounds like they are preparing the western public for military intervention in Myanmar.

It's their problem, a country's sovereignty cannot be undermined by letting others take part in their own problem, although at times international pressure (note - not intervention) has had proven success.

My thought goes out to all the monks in Myanmar.

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