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I'm Here!

I'm sorry for the period of quietness here. Was really busy, and trying to settle down into my new life.

The first few days I just felt nervous. All alone in a small room, real quiet outside, and feeling lost. Now, after 5 days, I've finally settled down. Got my Student Card, getting my NHS card in a few days, finalised stuff with the bank, and subscribed to the courses that I wanted, bought some textbooks, and basically started getting used to the life here.

So, let me break it down.
Subjects I'm taking this year.

  • Economics 1A,
  • Accountancy 1A(this sem) and 1B(next sem),
  • Business Studies 1.
  • Computing in Management and Economics
I didn't really want to take business at first, but since it's a prerequisite to Finance, I guess that's the only way to go. Oh, and total lecture time... 8 hours a week. I haven't included tutorials yet but the way tutorials work is every alternate week (every 2-3 weeks or so), there's a few hours of classes in that week. I'm expecting my total contact time to be around 16-17 hours a week probably. Quite free really. That's taken quite a lot of weight off my back =)

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