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One Reason Why This Is Unreliable

Info Minister Zam (since information is directly under his jurisdiction) has recently as in last week, created another media blackout when the Conference of Rulers rejected a candidate for the chief judge position in Malaya, which was submitted by the PM. This was reported in Singapore's Straits Times, and picked up by Malaysiakini. The Star only reported the issue last Friday, with the Chief Justice Tun Ahmad Fairuz Sheikh Abdul Halim invoking the Official Secrets Act, and declining to comment that the Conference of Rulers had indeed rejected the PM's nominee who supposedly isn't one of the more senior judges but one of the junior ones.

So, why the media blackout? Why has the Chief Justice invoked the OSA? Shouldn't the nominee of such an important judiciary post be subjected to public scrutiny? Then again, why has the Conference of Rulers fallen out with the PM? Is it necessary for the Chief Justice to hold two posts in the judiciary?

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