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As We Approach 50 Years..

It's 2 days, till our nation celebrates it's 50th Anniversary of Independence. I for one, have mixed emotions about it. I feel jubilated, that we are free and independent, culture-rich, and free from any geographical harm. Never do we have to fear earthquakes like Japan, forest fires like Australia(except for the persistent haze), volcanic eruptions like Indonesia, typhoons like Taiwan, and bla-bla others.

Now, one thing that I am proud and happy to be Malaysian, is that when I'm abroad, I can communicate without letting the foreigner know what I'm saying. I've used Malay to gossip, backstab and dissuade people in the UK, Singapore, and Australia. Do we even have to fear the language barrier like Westerners do? The average Malaysian, already knows 2 languages, and depending on your race, might know even more. I've seen many Indians speaking Cantonese, and Malays speaking Chinese, and I gotta tell you I'm impressed by their fluency. So, I'm proud that we, can communicate in multiple languages, unlike the Brits.

But, after watching countless ads put up in lieu of the Merdeka celebrations -mostly having on central theme on unity, except for one about the teacher teaching a naughty orphan, who suddenly left school and showed up 20 years later or so and becomes a teacher and blablabla, and the Petronas one that's on SieuTheng's blog- I've got a strong hunch that our founding Independence father, Tunku died a unhappy man.

We've got UMNO playing racial cards at every corner, countless close-one-eye MPs everywhere, and part of our police force seems to have ties with the organised crime syndicates.
Heck, there are even idiots who thinks,"Why lah vote opposition, nanti menang how? Tak de duit lah." Right now, there isn't check and balance in the country. Who's watching the hand that feeds? During Tunku's time, the 10th anniversary of independence was honored with stamps issued with the picture of the ruling Agong. Now, all we see is the RM5 gold printed, 5-PM's in a row, stamp. Where's the respect for royalty?

Now on a little digression, I'm been hanging around lately in the socio-political blogosphere and I can probably deduce that bloggers are somewhat portraying a renewed sense of respect for royalty, with shouts of DAULAT TUANKU (translated literally as Long Live The King) probably glued to quite a lot of comments. At this time, and hour, where UMNO is thrashing up the country and draining it of it's oil-money, we have the Prince Regent of Perak, the Sultan of Selangor, and others, each speaking out and upholding the Constitution. Some people might say that it's a close reference to the 80's Constitutional Crisis.

Go grab a copy of the Constitution and soak up everything written in it.

The issue of Wee Meng Chee was cleverly played to politicise a minor issue, and created a big huuhah out of it. Anyone thought of it as a coverup for something similarly important? On that same week where UMNO powerhouses caused an uproar systematically against Wee, an accident happened involving a bus that killed everyone on it. I'm sure you know the details, the driver had multiple unpaid summonses, bla bla bla bla, as well as the company. So, how did the Transport Ministry managed to let the company off the hook? Something smells fishy.

In Bolehland is also where people can get rich overnight, without having to pay any capital upfront. Take the merger (or rather reverse-takeover) of ECM-Libra Avenue. The SIL (Son-In-Law a.k.a Oxbridge idixt) grew metaphorically from rags to riches.

But what pains me the most as a citizen, is watching helplessly, as our coffers get plundered by cronyism and nepotism, as our ruling party employs racial politics, as our younger generation gets increasing segregated, as our mainstream media gets strangled even more, and as more people buy in onto BN's sweet promises, and dxxbass ministers shouting insults, threats, mudslinging, spin-talking, closing-one-eye, sleeping.

On another issue, what on earth does flying the flag have to do with patriotism? Go to Patrick Teoh's blog and check out this post. I once saw a taxi looking like that in Mid Valley and I was going "What a douchebag". Yeah, go hang a flagpole with the Malaysian flag on a lorry looking as if it'll topple over and smash into the car following behind it. Yeah, go hang lots of flags that obscure your vision, yeah, go drive around town, waving the real-size flag and shouting YEAHH.

I might have felt this, that people are feeling that I'm being too serious, too political and stuff. Why I blog, about issues that mainstream media cover up, is because I want to create more political awareness among the increasingly naive younger generations. Many people, I've seen their opinions about the country, all they can end up with is a few flames, rants and yeah, basically just emotional fallacy without factual backing. Like, gaumen sucks lah, opposition stupid lah, Malaysia lousy lah, I want to move elsewhere lah. Unpatriotic bxxtards.

Bottom line, is I love my country, and even if given citizenship elsewhere, I'm refusing it because in the end, this is my home, I was born here. and I'm showing my patriotism, by fighting for my country, doing my part in ridding it of idiots and plunderers, to make it a better place. That's my present for Malaysia on it's 50th Birthday, not waving the flag frantically like a bozo.

Happy Pre-2-Day Birthday Malaysia.

Note: There is a sentiment that socio-political bloggers tend to side with the opposition, however true this is, IMO it's coincidental, socio-political bloggers mainly serve to provide an alternative source of news, period. There's no need for you to accept what they say (including me), deny all you want, after all it's just some other point of view and it's up to you to think and judge for yourself.

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