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Are We Getting Enough Broadband?

Check this out! Came across this website a few hours ago.

The National Broadband Plan aims for

  1. 25% Household Penetration Rate by 2006
  2. 50% Household Penetration Rate by 2008
  3. 75% Household Penetration Rate by 2010
Now, doesn't the figures make you snicker in disbelieve?
We apparently failed in the 1st category. Yea, no kidding. And let's say optimistically speaking we are at a 5% Penetration rate as of June 2007. This gives us 1½ years to raise broadband subscriptions by 45%, and after that I think objective 3 is a joke. What do they think this is? Some small size company uphauling? We're talking about 27mil Malaysians, and assuming an average Malaysian household has 4 people, that roughs it up to 6mil households. So by 2010, the government is expecting 20mil Malaysians to use broadband. Is that even possible? Well probably if we're the size of China, or India, then yea that's realistic.

So, Redesign Malaysia has come up with a solution of what we all can do.
  1. Give up hope and go back to farming.
  2. Subscribe to more broadband accounts than we need to create an artificial increase. If each person subscribes to 9 additional accounts…
  3. Compulsory broadband subscriptions, with the death penalty applied for those who don’t use broadband.
  4. Design, engineer and implant miniature wi-fi devices into each and every Malaysian’s brain to create a nationwide wireless “neural” network.
That's just a joke. But, seriously, to attain South Korea's broadband penetration rate will already be a major breakthrough in the history of Southeast Asia! What's South Korea good for thus far besides Hyundai, Samsung and all those kahootz? Online games. Everyone knows it's the Korean gamers and game programmers that take up a considerable chunk of their household subscription. So, I propose that in order to at least fulfill 25% of the Broadband Plan's 2nd objective, that the Ministry of Education implements the introduction of gaming lessons and theories in all schools. Probably small kids could be taught to play Maple and older ones might be DotA-ing or WoW-ing, wtf I don't care.

I'm just screwing you around but the news is true. I kid you not.

This is rather old news, but heck.. I thought it'd be interesting to raise it back from the ashes! Hailing as Nuffnang's rival, Advertlets founder Josh Lim has also created this website Redesign Malaysia, a site dedicated entirely to promoting and creating awareness on the state of Malaysian broadband, as well as pushing for improvement. Drop by the website if you're bored!

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