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Nuffnang has recently put up SPCA ads! That's the first time I've seen such a cute ad! Aww, look at that kitten.. Not only that, this month, members get the chance to win a Nintendo-DS! I don't think I might get lucky this time around as well =P. Oh well, how do I put it, I've been with Nuffnang ever since they launched their program, mostly in support of Timothy / Boss Stewie, the co-founder of Nuffnang, whose blog I've been avidly reading ever since the days of LengMou. You could probably say, "Ah bollocks, that's just a reason to cover up your main reason - to make money." To be honest, hahaha, it's also partly because of money. Not big bucks, but probably a couple of ringgit, while I do my blogging.

The thing is, I don't blog because of money, I blog because I want to, because I feel like writing down my thoughts and sharing it with whomever reads this page. So a little extra thing wouldn't hurt right? Somemore, it brightens up my blog, adding a little colour into the plain template. Speaking of template, I need to change templates as well, the current one is so basic. Need a customised one lol.

Anyway, why did I choose Nuffnang? Well, firstly, they serve ads unique to our region. Unlike Google's Adsense, which serves only text ads, and although they say the ads will be somewhat relevant to our blog, it rarely is. Content is mostly US-based, and variety depends on what the writer has to post. Nuffnang meanwhile, has been putting up local content on their ads. As they proudly say, Asia's 1st Blog Advertising Community. Note the word Community, they aren't placing themselves as a company, but as a companion. So, it keeps the relationship between the company and it's breadwinners healthy.

Why am I writing a bulls**t entry on Nuffnang you ask? I don't know either, the cute kittens on the ads stirred me up to write this long pointless post. So, I guess I'll stop here so that your eyes can rest, oh and, I've just noticed this, but when you read these words, are you, at the same time, reading them out in your head? It's probably me, but I think everyone else feels the same way as well. Does it?

Point made, so if you're free now, why not just drop by the Nuffnang Malaysian site at nuffnang.com.my and check it out?

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