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WtF!! Got Offloaded by MAS.

Supposedly, my flight was actually 11.55pm. Flight MH 0002 to London Heathrow. I reached KLIA with my family at around 9.20pm, and stood in line to wait..............................and finally got to the counter after 40 mins.

Time : 10.05pm
Counter E14
Attendant: Mr Tee.. I have to tell you this. The flight that you are booked on, is very full, and we have to put you on the next flight to Heathrow which is 11.15 in the morning tomorrow. I'm sorry but this is all we can do.

And then... my parents just started blasting them, and finally she called a higher ranked officer to deal with us and this officer was blatantly rude. Aih, just keep things simple.. let's fast forward.

So we went to see the duty manager, and the poor fella had 5 rough days in a row. According to him, 5 days ago, a total of 50-60 people were offloaded. Today, he had to tell the same story and apologise to 39 passengers and a total of 80 people were offloaded.

Just imagine,
having to book 6 months earlier,
confirmed flight
confirmed tickets
confirmed seat

and when you arrive 2 hours before the departure on that day, you find out that some other guy took your seat. $!BN%7S!#


So.. he was really apologetic and even his MD called and asked about the situation in the airport. According to him.. MAS has some contingency / fallback plans, in case of an offloading, they usually put people into
i) Business / First Class
ii) Other Airways Economy Class
iii) Other Airways First/Business Class

Apparently, Qatar Airways, Emirates, Thai Airways, Singapore Airlines, and KLM are fully booked as well, so few passengers can be transferred there. In the end, talk talk talk he checked me in for tomorrow's flight. yay.. and managed to help Hann and Lay Wei check in as well.

Tough call. Poor people. Apparently, he said the problem was with the Reservations Department where they hire all these newbie IT people and these people, with no experience whatsoever, just look at past data and try to extrapolate and predict the future traffic.. so let's say on one day they accept 20 extra bookings assuming that these 20 people won't arrive. so if the 20 people arrive that's offloading 20 people from the airplane!

In the end, everything settle.. got compensated rm600, plus one night hotel stay in Pan Pacific, dinner vouchers rm25 and free airport transfers. Not badddddd..

Notified Istee (looks like Hann gave me the wrong number and I ended up calling Sheue Yng instead) and spread the word.. Do good = Good Karma. =P

P.S: What I think is that some big shot pulled the strings and brought along his brother sister aunty uncle grandfather grandmother son daughter neighbour friend etc. hmmm stoopid peeple.

Offloading 80 people in a day costs
80x rm600
80x rm25
80x hotel stay for one night

Haih.. no wonder MAS is losing money..

P.P.S: I'm pissed cuz i missed my flight.

P.P.P.S : The Manager was a very very nice guy.. he needs promotion.

P.P.P.P.S : I'm flying Emirates/ KLM next time.

P.P.P.P.P.S : At least i get rm600 off the ticket and get to fly with Hann and Lay Wei..

--This happened on all flights from KL to Europe including Stockholm, Amsterdam, London.. =(

3 people said this sucked:


Tuesday, January 09, 2007 8:07:00 pm

ah! haow kang!you didnt notify me wei!


Friday, January 19, 2007 12:24:00 pm

yeah came out in the paper ... err i dont think so they are using manual labor to predict the statistics ... its the algorithm in their program which fucked up ... in this case badly ... nvm the kind gov will reimbursed them ...


Sunday, January 21, 2007 12:07:00 am

sigh, the next time I fly I'm not going to fly MAS. Make me lose confidence in them, how will I know whether the tickets that I book is really booked or not?!