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Bloggers unite!!!

This is recently in the Malaysian blogosphere lately.
Bloggers Jeff Ooi and Rocky were recently served defamation lawsuits by NSTP.

For more information:

If this is what the gahmen is doing to us blogging community. This is time to fight back! I've never supported the paper and this gives me even more reason not to do so. To all those who are reading this right now, I urge you to look at this case, and do the right thing!

I feel kind of bad since I can't really do much but apparently this has gotten much publicity

Speaking of which I think I need to brush up on my legal knowledge already, since I probably might need it sooner or later in a place where anything is possible with money. Screw it.

As what other people said, don't support! The best way to fight is through financial means in the new world!! I'm going to spread my words to convince people to stop funding them!!

Bloggers UNITE!! We have the right to voice out what we think!! Taking this right away from us represents the failure and the collapse of social rights!!

“We believe that this case is groundless. It looks to us as though legal
procedures are being used as a way of silencing two of your newspaper’s

Reporters Without Borders

Credit is given to jeffooi.com and other linked blogs for the information.

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