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Hey! I've seen this before!

What puzzles me, is the sheer complexity of the human brain, that's far un-understandable although with the advances of science and humanity. Personally I've experienced deja-vu a few times, mostly in clumps, like one month 3-4 experiences, and then a one or two more in later months.

Some people offer the scientific explanation that deja-vu is subjected by anomalies in the brain function which I find .. sensible. It was widely believed that this experience (deja vu) is caused by the mistiming of a neuronal firing. This led the brain to believe that it was experiencing the same situation twice while in fact it is actually suffering from lag between the two cerebral hemispheres. There are also psychological explanations that say that deja-vu is the result when the subconscious mind is able to comprehend a situation quicker than the conscious mind.

But how about deja-vu that led from dreams? Once I had an experience that was dreamt about before, in the case.. for say.. standing at a corridor chatting with some people. The same thing happened a few months later, in reality. I don't find it freaky, but I find the experience, very.. interesting however unexplainable it is to me.

There is a suggestion that I came across. It suggests that when the subconscious recognises a real event to be similar to an event in a past dream. After sleep, the conscious mind usually forgets the events that take place during a dream. But perhaps the memory of dreams is stored somewhere deep within the subconscious mind, and during deja vu, the memories resurface.

There is the other point that deja-vu might actually be flashbacks of the previous life. But I think this is just a load of bull, if it was a flashback of the previous life, why would it be the same? If I base my deja-vu explainations on reincarnation, does that mean that I'm following the same pathline as the life before this? If that's the case, why are we even living a second life?

Deja-vu has also oftened been linked to medical disorders such as schizophrenia and temporal lobe epilepsy! I know I don't have those!

Anyway.. just an insight into this peculiar phenomenon. I'm telling you..the feeling that you get when you say "Hey! I've seen this before!!" is just unexplainable. It's like.. when a bulblight just goes 'Ting' and lights up in your brain. Kinda feels like spiritual enlightenment. =P

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