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I'm currently hooked on this game which Nick introed me to. It's a new online text-based game, something like realthugz. Only this time it's made in Malaysia.

Yeah that's right.

It starts out with a nice intro.

Since the fall of notorious crime families throughout Malaysian cities, there has been a great power vacuum that many up and coming gangsters are trying to fill. Hangmen have recently been given pay raises, and the country is trying to put a stop on all major criminal activities, but there is just so much money to be made... Dealing drugs in Malaysia carries the death penalty, yet can pay very high. Prostitution is easier to get away with, and so is loan sharking or making and peddling fake goods. However you build your empire, be prepared to protect it.

Of course, you start out as a rookie, with RM100, and tempted into this world of infinite money and power. There's lots of things you can do in Kuwakchai.

Like stealing from Petpets'R'Us.

Like biao mei (表妹) trafficking.

But if you are a noob, Pudu Jail will be your next most visited place after the hospital. If I'm in a good mood I might just bust you out of jail lol.

This is how the interface looks like. From here you can see several things that you can already start doing. Merempit, Pergi Skolah, Go to Muar and find your local chicken den or casino, or just find someone to whack. I don't wanna spoil things for you, especially the jahat stuff part where there're lots of surprises waiting for you.

Interested already?

Here's the link.


I'll guide you through the beginning, give you good targets to whack, money and points so you can level up fast. You also get 200 points back when you join under me.

Oh btw, visit here for beginner tips and join Fu Tao Bong, the best gang in Kuwakchai.

2 people said this sucked:


Friday, September 05, 2008 1:57:00 pm

Notice that the game is still under BETA people :) Get Pawned at your own risk :D


Friday, September 05, 2008 1:58:00 pm

no la i think it's going perma d lol