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Behind The Backdrop

Today we'll play the guessing game.

I've got my own reasons to believe that Pak Lah, (whom I still have some support for in this time and day), is a weak political pawn that's been put there by his predecessor.

Yes, a pawn.

The months of infighting that we've witnessed so far, have traversed onto a new page which so happens to be the same page back during our first PM Tunku Abdul Rahman's distressing times in the month of May 1969.

This time around, Harun Idris is played by, guess who!!
The Tunku with a shaky seat is played by... again, guess who!!
Tun Abdul Razak, the person who played a role in bringing down Tunku is played by.. come on guys, guess who!!

To be honest, the third guess couldn't be any tougher. We know that the recent tug-of-war between Najib and Anwar in the summer months of May to end July has benefitted only one person. Guess who! During this time, people who called for his resignation seemed to have quietened down, and he laughed his way to the bank, well not to the bank perhaps.

So, the question is now. Where does the deputy-in-waiting stand right now? Who could possibly stand to gain in this wayang, by making Pak Lah step down?

VP Muhyiddin Yassin, which IMO is a pretty clean guy, and whom I used to think was on Anwar's team pra-98, did the unexpected by, firstly, announcing Dr.M's comeback into UMNO, (for the umpteenth time), and later, saying that Pak Lah's transition plan in 2010 was too far away.

One may ask the obvious, Why, is the Tun returning back to the party at this hour? Surely, there could be some reason why. And I hope the Tun lets us know.

Pak Lah, has no means to defend himself at this point. I still maintain my support for him in these times, because there clearly isn't any candidate who's cleaner than him, apart from VP Muhyiddin imo.

The only question here is. Who's pulling the strings? And Who will walk away out of this free-for-all as the victor?

Remember, 912 is like 513, only 4 months after, and 4 days before 916.

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