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Sometimes, I feel so..




- of Easter exams next Thursday.
- of A2 exams in around 2 months.
- of £330 spent in 1 month.
- I suck in DotA.
- my comp's getting old.
- I'm starting to miss home.
- studies stand between fun and work.
- politics screw things up.
- the weather's getting warmer.
- I just saw a lunar eclipse last 2 weeks ago.
- I think I'm slacking in class.
- people are getting older and older.
- the printer's not working when I want to print.
- it's so darn hard to upload 1 picture.
- I'm sitting here typing this post.
- I'm procastinating more and more.
- people seem to be more occupied nowadays.
- time passes so fast.
- no one seems to be online when i'm online.
- air travel is so expensive.
- the birds haven't sang today.
- the teletext writer on BBC screwed up her typing and made me read it wrongly.
- a lot of things in my home country is screwed up.
- I want to do something fun.
- I'm just bored.
- I've been typing this for 10 minutes already.
- I still have 2,300 songs to sort and filter through with 1.1k songs in my iPod.
- Eddie Murphy, Chris Rock, and Russell Peter's jokes are starting to wear off.
- I need new games.
- Ben's been showing off his future plans for a PS3.
- Jun sucks.
- whoever is reading this..is as bored as I am
- I wished I could wake up earlier.
- I don't have food.
- when people don't have food, they get bored.
- when people get bored, they do boring things.
- when people follow bored people, they are bored.
- you still want to read on.
- I think you want me to write on.
- therefore I am.
- if I am bored today, that implies today I am bored.
- I read a whole lot of funny sh-t about using mathematical physics in big game hunting.
- I've run out of things to write on.
- I need to go to class now.
- you need to get a life and stop reading this.


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  The Sim

Wednesday, March 14, 2007 2:03:00 pm

fuck.... i cant get a life