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Ok.. hopefully this works.

Ok so it works.
Here's Edinburgh! Notice how it differs from London? Oh just so beautiful.
One striking thing is it's buildings and it's history. Edinburgh has two parts, one lying near the hills, Old Edinburgh, and the one across the bridges, New Edinburgh.
I went there for an Open Day at the University of Edinburgh, along with these people.

Meet the backs of Zafir, Lindsey and Jun.

Unfortunately, both the latter two, had to get together in a relationship, leaving me feeling lightbulb-ish and together with Zafir. Don't get me wrong, Zafir's a niceeee guy who smells good. Anyway, it was still nice. =)

Main turnoff was the price of the tickets -£60 - for a return journey with the Young Person's Railcard. How sucky was that? Furthermore, the railcard gave a 33.33333333% discount on rail travel. Ok back to details, the journey took 6 hours. We left at 2, traveled to Crewe, travelled to some unknown station and then by bus (because of some train derailing a few days earlier) to Carlisle and then jumped on a train to Edinburgh Waverley. We found out a few days earlier that there was planned "industrial action" in Scotland by the RMT Signaller's Union. That means going on strike. Woohooo, the notice says, "Expect severe delays and cancellation of services but we are providing alternatives to transport" (turns out in the end, on our way back, there was just a slight delay and no trains after 6pm)

Ok, more pictures less talk.

McEwan Hall, where all formal events take place and our meeting point.

Part of the campus.

I don't know how to use my camera...

Look! Seaaaaaaaaa..

I was really bored so I took pictures of all the stations and places that we passed.



York (if you squint, i bet you can see the signboard.)



Then after that.. Birmingham. Then Shrewsbury etc. Good trip overall. I love Edinburgh, it's so beautiful..

London Trip pics coming up soon!

3 people said this sucked:


Friday, March 16, 2007 6:36:00 pm

oii... you forgot the main event ah... the mussels1!! :P :P

and plus, i'm so sorry i'm being a light bulb for you and zafir :D:D

  The Sim

Saturday, March 17, 2007 4:31:00 pm

yea haha looks like u were in a relationship with zafir yourself. Smells nice? wtf!!! i knew all along you were gay. come to me baby


Saturday, March 17, 2007 7:06:00 pm

jun: oh yeahh

ben: fudge you man, don't worry i'll show you some love as well.