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It's a private emotion that fills you tonight
And a silence falls between us
As the shadows steal the light
And wherever you may find it
Wherever it may lead
Let your private emotion come to me
Come to me

This chorus is so stuck in my head now. I love it to bits!!
and to think that I've forgotten this song after so many years.

It's Ricky Martin & Meja by the way.


Alright speaking of which, I just read today that Singapore is the first Asian country to drop into recession due to the crunch.

Dear Singaporeans, as your rough, dirty and terrorist backyard northern neighbours, I'll join the bandwagon of those who laugh at you, and say.. HAHA! Now who's in deep shit!

Seriously though, it's no wonder they're the first. GDP's nearly all into financials and imports, as a result of rapid globalisation without much to fall on behind. The next to get it will probably be Japan but that's so much more complicated than Singapore's case.

Malaysia? Thank god we had mahathirism. Slow, and steady. Hahaha but doesn't mean I'm happy about it.


Why can't I sleep now.
Gotta get stuff outta my head and stop thinking about it.


Forget. Forget. Forget.

Go away please emo thoughts. I don't want you.

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