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Of Mudslinging and Dirty Politics

The recent by-elections of Ijok and Machap have come and gone, and rather insignificant things have happened, and we have seen how sweet-talkers go about charming people, and how many gifts in all sorts of forms were given away to tempt voters. I guess it's the norm everywhere though, but with the aid of the media and the way the main party capitalises on issues that jeopardise the opposition's campaign, it's really sickening to see what happened in these two by-elections. Maybe... it's just natural. But.. what really really pisses me off are this bunch of people (i'll leave harsh words out for now) doing nothing in the Lower House except bickering around and suggesting crap! (Adopt-A-Rempit was by far the most funny one that I've ever heard)

For example, take a look at today's article in The Star.

There is no need (for The Star to report this) for Barisan Nasional to be too alarmed by some Chinese votes going to the opposition during the recent Ijok by-election. Umno deputy president Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said this should not be taken out of proportion and made into a big issue (in fact, mister, you made it into a big one by telling it to the press). “Let us not forget the fact that the majority of the Chinese still support Barisan,” Najib, who is...
What? Obvious waste of space in the newspaper. Ah, this is so boring. Where's the political awareness people?! I don't believe that my fellow rakyat of my beloved country are that easy to fall for all of this.

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