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Experiencing Traffic Jams / Flooding in KL?

Don't fret.. everyone's been through this before. People tend to argue that it always the government's fault. I say that those people are too pampered already. Who dumps rubbish everyday on the streets, wherever they go? Who chucks trash into the river? Who burns rubbish at the side of the street? Most of the general Malaysian public, not the government.

Congestion, it's partly caused by too many people using one way of travel. The government isn't using it's brains! I've been arguing, it's not the correct thing to do by building so many roads. Proper road planning and execution must be done. for example, the number of main roads leading into the city centre is only two handfuls if I'm not wrong. And each of the 10 roads are joined by another 5-10 roads when they are heading into the city. So don't you see? It's a bottleneck situation here. 500,000 road users are crammed into just 10 roads from the starting 50 roads. So, proper planning such as traffic lights ( position, timing ), traffic diversion, road closures (at the correct time) and allowing the use of opposite lanes is important. No doubt most of them are already in place currently but most importantly are the traffic lights. The timing has to be correct so as to maximise traffic flow on all sides, as well as it's positioning, so that it doesn't stop traffic, right in the middle of a flow.

Also, speaking of the ITIS ( Integrated Transport Information System ) In my point of view, I think that it's rather a considerable investment. At times it has helped me get out of unexpected jams. Although I seem to have little problem getting my way around town as I kinda know my way around the jams..

Anyway, speaking of the drainage system.. there's this SMART tunnel project that's ongoing in KL. It's quite a good idea proposed by the Central Government but I think they should be more cost efficient than that.
As the river flows towards the seas, it brings sedimentation from the hills, and these sediments settle down on the river base as it passes. So over a year, it builds up as mud and somehow makes the river shallower, thus reducing it's capacity in holding water. So, if we were to spend roughly RM 1-2 million annually to use excavators to dig up the mud to deepen the river, wouldn't that be a pretty acceptable suggestion for long-term investment? Over 50 years, the total cost would only be RM 100 million. (excluding the effects of inflation and market forces that may occur in the years to come). The SMART tunnel however, I think it's going to charge the public tolls to use it :(

How about public transport? Why wouldn't people use the public transport? I must say, it plainly lies with the point that most of the general public are lazy to walk to work/walk to the LRT station/wait for a bus/cab). Here in the UK, people do a lot of walking. They just park their cars at the city suburbs and walk to the nearest Tube station/ bus station, take a ride and walk again to their workplace. So why can't we do that?

Answer 1 : Because the transportation system sucks.
Me : It wouldn't suck if a majority of the public used it, which will then prompt the government to improve it for the benefit of everyone (else they'll lose the elections, hehe)

Answer 2 : We have cars, and we can afford to drive to town.
Me : So what if you have cars, first of all, it costs a bomb with the high 250-300% increase in marginal sales prices of cars. And don't you see many people "complaining" that the price of petrol is going up too high? Why do you still want to drive into the city and then complain that the cost of it is killing you?

Answer 3 : *deep inside* I'm lazy.
Me: That's just it, you are. Look at the big picture and do the maths yourself, it's more cost efficient to take the public transport than to drive to town. (Usually I see 4WDs and MPVs with only 1 person inside - wth?!)

So, if the general public doesn't change their mentality, no one can help them as they can only help themselves and they'll only rant and complain for the rest of their lives. You don't need luxury in life, change the mindset. Change "wants" into "needs". It's time to change.

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