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The London Log

I'm in London now.. enjoying a much warmer weather. Have I not repeated myself enough.. I like London so so much because it's a huge city.

Anyway, couple of brief updates.
Gonna leave tmrw morning for Heathrow at half seven in the morning. Then flight's at noon. Hopefully I'll touchdownnnnnnnnnnnnnnn at about 8am Tuesday at KLIA.



P.S: I think I should do those twit-twatting that's very the chiu lau heng now. Since it suits my lazy style.

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Behind The Fog of War

If you're like me you probably might not have noticed today was May 13.
Today I wouldn't want to talk about what happened in 69. Instead I'd rather talk about Perak. The papers say it pretty much.

The big shots at the top have been distancing themselves away from the issue in Perak. Anwar, whom I still have no trust for, has been quiet for somewhile now since the controversy that he's reshuffling PKR's leadership through a string of forced by-elections.

Today, Gerakan's Dr. Hsu Dar Ren, of a few men in the ruling coalition that I've got respect for, called for fresh polls. MCA's been pretty quiet as well, thanks (maybe) to lone ranger Datuk Seri Ong, if it was his predecessor from Kulai no one would have doubted that silence was the last thing on MCA's mind.

So as everyone puts it now, the situation's past the stage where the shit hits the fan. You know what, don't point the finger at Hee alone, how about the other two frogs that jumped as well?You see, in Perak, Pakatan had a flaw in Keadilan. I've got even more faith in PAS than in Keadilan mind you. From how I see it, PKR's the weakest link in Pakatan. Selangor's next after Perak, if the powers that be see fit.

Ok, back to Perak. I don't need to repeat the mantra that this has been damaging for the Royal Family, to both sides of the political divide, and for the state itself. It's like General Motors. Better stay away or it'll suck you in.

I don't need to repeat the point that an appeal was granted with efficiency that surpasses even the international courts. I don't need to repeat that a full judgment was passed and not an interim one. I don't need to repeat the all the skeletons in the closet that every hand that played a part.

What now? Malaysia Today disclosed that Vincent Tan (i don't understand why him again) had a role in this by paying Hee 25mil. I find that refutable, as 25mil is a large number. Why 25mil when 1mil can already do so much in Malaysia. You know what I'm talking about cuz if you're not don't call yourself a Malaysian.

The stakes here are the royalty, the rule of law, the principles of democracy, the partisan ways of the judiciary and the law enforcement branches. Might as well call ourselves Singapore if we fail this test.

It all goes back to who can clean this up, who has a wide support base. Anwar's been touted as the leading man who's going against the powers that be. But ask me and I'll say Ku Li's way better for the job than he is. That's right, Tengku Razaleigh. But that's for another day, when we get to hear the story of UMNO Team A vs UMNO Team B. That's the 20 year battle that's still ongoing until now.

Bye for now. Haha, that sounded like ESPN's gamecast commentary. I've gotta finish up revision for tomorrow's Accountancy exam.