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Road Rage

Recently there was this case in Subang Jaya where a poor guy passed away after being a victim of road rage. Regrettably, things like this happen. And after reading what one of the ministers had to say in the aftermath, I only registered this one point - Road users will also have to play a part in this, don't hog the right lane driving at 80km/h.. or something like that.

Then there was a letter in today's Views column in The Star with a catchy headline (for me at least). Local drivers tend to become enraged easily. Ahh yes, that I must agree. Driving to and fro on the MRR2 expressway from Bkt Jalil to Pandan Jaya has shed light on many many ignorant idiots who hog the right lane of the highway at 80-90kmh. Not only do these pariahs (no insult to the Hindu caste intended) don't move on the emptier-albeit-slower middle lane, inconsiderately they will just remain on cruise mode, blatantly unaware of the pile of cars that they are holding up.

In one case, I was driving behind one of these aforementioned cars. Someone please create a sticker that says either "I have too much free time and petrol" or "This road is my grandfather's" for them to stick on their bumper thank you. The idiota has refused to budge to my tailgating (not too bad lah, 1/2 car distance) and flashing of lights. I'm not a big fan of horns, so I didn't beep him.. now, doesn't that just make your blood start to boil? It's not that I am being impatient or whatever but don't hog the f**king lane to yourself. If you're not overtaking or keeping up with the car in front, then stay in the middle lane or the slow lane please. And it's not just me, 6 other cars behind me were closely following me, all signalling to pass as well.. This means that each of them wants to go faster! For heaven's sake look behind next time and be more considerate. So eventually, we all had to overtake him from the middle/left lanes. And this also endangers us as well, as we have to go faster on the slower lanes to overtake a slow car on the fast lane.

Take these roadhogs off the road, if they don't know how to be considerate then don't drive at all. The weird thing is that I have never experienced these on KESAS/SPRINT/PLUS/NKVE/KL-Seremban, or other highspeed highways. So far the only 2 with road-hoggers are MRR2 and LDP. Just get off the damn lane if you see more than 2 cars eager to pass you behind.. either comply or sooner or later you'll provoke a road bully and become a victim of road rage.

On other words, I'm only frustrated about roadhogs. I do not endorse road rage, and neither do I support violence on the road. I am all for the removal of ignorant fools off the roads.

Disclaimer: Any injury, physical or emotional, to any other party other than that whom I've referred to in this post has been duly noted, unnecessary, unintended and if intended, in a non-malicious manner. In other words, my deepest apologies to you if you are not an idiot hogging the road who feels hurt after reading this post. (How on earth will that happen?)

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Saturday, July 14, 2007 2:56:00 pm

nicely written piece.

it's frustrating, but then again the highway speed limit is only 80 or 90 km/h.


Saturday, July 14, 2007 6:29:00 pm

@123:Hey thanks, and very much agreed, however the thing is.. there isn't any incentive to be noble and law-abiding to try to hold up more than 3 cars behind who's obviously flashing and signalling to pass right?


Sunday, July 15, 2007 4:29:00 pm

ah that always happen to me unknowingly.... then i suddenly realise i road hogging and then i go to middle lane... my waja... no power... now change to suzuki swift already hopefully can speed


Sunday, July 15, 2007 4:30:00 pm

lol! Hahahaha.. wait didn't you drive an Atos? or something like that..


Monday, July 16, 2007 4:45:00 am

Oh ok, i dun really hate road hoggers =P they something enforce the traffic rules =P eg. force idiots to drive within the speed limits, just drive me nuts to c a BMW pass me with 150+km/h leaving my little myvi shaking due to the small breeze by generated by Mr."BMW"


Monday, July 16, 2007 7:39:00 am

Hahahahaha, 150? Whoa.. ok that's something that only BMWs or Mercs can do.. I also dun dare to block them hahaha