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The BiGG Transformation

Wa.. and all of a sudden everyone knew about my blog--

I thought it was seclusive, or somewhat like that.. anyway, it's been ages since I blogged.. *sorry Bo-Bo I promise I won't do that again*

Lately, there's this association with cute names. My Blog's called Bo-Bo and I'm called Muffie! Basically, I have no idea why this popped up. It must have happened when I was on a W3 frenzy the other week.

A W3 Frenzy is basically, a time where 13 hours is spent on Warcraft alone, and the remaining hours are sleep and food. Games played vary from DotA, to Battleships, to Sheep Tag (this is where I got the name Muffie), to Tower Defense, to Hero Siege, and finally to Enfo TS.

Speaking of games, games are really addicting.. A friend passed GTA-San Andreas to me, and I'm currently playing it whenever I can..

Ah d-mn, hmmm..

Basically, the B-I-Double-G(That's GG) transformation is all about.. changing attitudes totally.. it's about a kid who's learnt so much from things that he's changed!

The past is.. the past, as I always say, "Just leave it behind~"

After 6 months, I'm still thinking, HEY! I'm still 17, What The.." I can't buy liquor, can't watch 18+Movies, can't errm.. have s*x legally, can't have a credit card, can't participate in surveys, can't.. .. ..

Arrghh! I just missed an opportunity to earn RM2,500 monthly just because I'm 17!!!

Wahahahahaha.. speaking of which


ArGentina totally whooped Holland last night, look at Riquelme! Holland needed three men to defend against him..

Anyway, for those who don't support Argentina, too bad, because they might just win the World Cup!

Argentina World Cup Squad 2006

1-Roberto Abbondanzieri (Boca Juniors) Caps: 21. Goals: 0.
12-Leo Franco (Atletico Madrid, Spain) Caps: 3. Goals: 0.
23-Oscar Ustari (Independiente) Caps: 0. Goals: 0.

2-Roberto Ayala (Valencia, Spain) Caps: 99. Goals: 6.
17-Leandro Cufre (AS Roma, Italy) Caps: 2. Goals: 0.
15-Gabriel Milito (Real Zaragoza, Spain) Caps: 14. Goals: 0.
6-Gabriel Heinze (Manchester United, England) Caps: 28. Goals: 1.
21-Nicolas Burdisso (Inter Milan, Italy) Caps: 7. Goals: 0.
4-Fabricio Coloccini (Deportivo Coruna, Spain) Caps: 23. Goals: 1.

3-Juan Pablo Sorin (Villarreal, Spain) Caps: 70. Goals: 10.
13-Lionel Scaloni (West Ham United, England) Caps: 5. Goals: 0.
8-Javier Mascherano (Corinthians, Brazil) Caps: 14. Goals: 0.
5-Esteban Cambiasso (Inter Milan, Italy) Caps: 21. Goals: 1.
22-Luis Gonzalez (Porto, Portugal) Caps: 27. Goals: 5.
18-Maxi Rodriguez (Atletico Madrid, Spain) Caps: 12. Goals: 2.
10-Juan Roman Riquelme (Villarreal, Spain) Caps: 30. Goals: 8.
16-Pablo Aimar (Valencia, Spain) Caps: 40. Goals: 7.

19-Lionel Messi (Barcelona, Spain) Caps: 6. Goals: 1.
9-Hernan Crespo (Chelsea, England) Caps: 54. Goals: 29.
11-Carlos Tevez (Corinthians, Brazil) Caps: 20. Goals: 3.
7-Javier Saviola (Sevilla, Spain) Caps: 30. Goals: 9.
14-Rodrigo Palacio (Boca Juniors) Caps: 2. Goals: 0.
20-Julio Ricardo Cruz (Inter Milan, Italy) Caps: 15. Goals: 3.

Vamos Argentina!

2 people said this sucked:

  jin hang

Friday, June 23, 2006 1:25:00 pm

good one man..hope to see you in top form..haha when you balik can come futsal with us straight we all standby waiting you liao lol...once upon a time got one boy do assignment till he die liao..that's me..lol...how's life in UK? sure enjoyleh..haha glad you took it ok...good job...good luck man...see you soon


Friday, June 23, 2006 10:15:00 pm

hahah, chill.. a few more days only!

currently packing all my stuff and stuff.. tomorrow go town and buy some things..

anyway, that matter, just let it rest. Can't wait to go back to futsal and stuff!